• Whispers of enchanting stories from the heart of the oasis



Perfumes born out of the encounter of two worlds

The story behind FO’AH is that of two inspiring individuals passionate about the generosity and hospitality of the Arab world. Eager to share the treasures of an enlightened and creative Middle East, they chose perfume as a universal language. FO’AH mirrors the curiosity of its two founders, while outlining a dreamy and olfactory heritage that celebrates the greatness of age-old civilisations, their shared emotions and the enchantment of new encounters.

An unprecedented inspiration

The name FO’AH has no equivalent in any other language. In Arabic, it specifically refers to the blooming of the date palm. Between the stunning beauty of the desert and the flowery hillsides of Grasse, the FO’AH fragrances are all inspired by this emblematic tree of the Middle East, introducing an unprecedented scent to the world of perfumery.

The first collection
by FO’AH

The “Memoires d’une Palmeraie” collection tells a story about nature, time and civilisations. Both intense and unique, the fragrances of this line are a contemporary tribute to the encounter of people and ideas, all sharing the scent of the ephemeral blooming of the date palm.