— FO'AH—

When two major perfume cultures come together


FO’AH celebrates two major perfume cultures: France, cradle of modern perfumery, and the Middle East, land of mysterious scents.

At the roots of FO'AH, there is the encounter between Émilie Dewell, a radiant young woman whose olfactory education was made growing up alongside the flowers of Grasse and His Excellency Abdulla Al-Masaood, belonging to one of the oldest families from Abu Dhabi. Their origins and their stories even if very different where brought together by the same passion for fragrances. With this common dream to explore new olfactory dialogues, the idea of founding a Maison de Parfums would allow them to express a vision of perfumery open to the world, curious about all influences and bring to life creations never explored before.

FO'AH was born.


Exceptional know-how

The manufacturing of our Haute Parfumerie products is based on exceptional know-how. Our bottle, made by French glassmakers with an expertise dating back to 130 years, follows a close process where after being individually checked once out of the oven they are reburned in order to give it an intense shine. Both our glass maker and the family owned company which created our stopper, had to work in close partnership in order to assure both materials would interact in a flawless way. The spontaneously oriented alignment preserves the secrets of an invisible process sealed by a thin metal plaque engraved with the emblem of the House.

The finely embossed label which is placed in the center of the imposing box is produced by a printing house located in Bordeaux and which supplies the most prestigious châteaux of the region. The assembly and filling are carried out semi-manually about a hundred kilometers from Paris. Finally, each product is individually controlled to guarantee the perfect quality of your perfume.


The freedom of creation

From the original idea to its manufacturing, each of FO’AH creations is a privileged moment. Imagined to withstand the test of time and forge lasting connections, our development process is more than a simple act of production. Leaving the freedom to the Master Perfumers we work with. "we constantly look for the perfect balance between singularity, the act of creation and the pleasure of wearing our perfumes", says Emilie Dewell, co-founder of FO’AH. "That's why we take time and we give time, until we are completely satisfied with the result." It is to give our creations their full expression that the perfumes of FO’AH are designated by a single number. "Perfumery is a language of intimacy and emotion. We want to let our perfumes speak, not impose a story on them and let you the wearer embody them".

Our creations


In the shade of the Palm Tree

The phoenix dactylifera a natural treasure of the Middle East, infuses each of our compositions. At the fleeting moment of its flowering, it exudes a scent unlike any other, patiently recreated into an experience as a whole for our House.

The Palm Tree accord is the signature of our "Mémoires d’une Palmeraie" collection. Present in each fragrance as a guideline, it invites you to a sensory experience where olfactory emotions, souls of ancient cultures and the absolute modernity of the compositions come together.


Facets and radiant lights

Like the hours that pass in the shade of the oasis, each facet of the bottle reflects an emotion, an encounter, a desire. The heavy glass reflects deep brown hues and composes an unpredictable spectacle. Oriental lights play with delight on this sculptural body inspired by the trunk of the palm tree. A crucible of dreams and desires, each bottle is protected by a pearly white case. Sealed on its upper part with an engraved metal plate which unfold like a corolla, evoking the palms adorning the trunk.