The freedom to create, the constant quest for beautiful, innovative materials, and the search of exceptional know-how which enables the creation of reusable, and elegant objects which stand the test of time – these values forge the uniqueness of FO’AH.

This word has no equivalent in any other language. In Arabic, it designates the ephemeral flowering of the palm tree, also known as The Tree of Life, which is the origin of FO’AH and the common note in our House’s perfumes.

FO’AH is an independent French perfume house that draws its inspiration from the rich olfactory heritage of France and the Middle East.

Family-run, independent and environmentally responsible, the House is committed to maintaining the majority of its production in France, through a controlled production, while developing its international distribution network of partner stores.

We are constantly looking for the optimal balance between protecting the environment and offering the best quality to our customers. The glass in our bottles is partly recycled and recyclable, as are our pumps, which are made from a 100% recyclable material.

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We haves created our rare fragrances with two Master Perfumers: Olivier Pescheux and Michel Girard. Olivier Pescheux’s view on the art of perfumery is similar to the search for modernity of the founders of FO’AH. Michel Girard is an experienced perfumer with an abundant and constantly renewed inspiration, and a passion for green notes and elegant accords.

Our perfumes are all made in France because it is the guarantee of a superior quality.

You can find our perfumes at our retailers’ and of course order them securely on our e-shop (click here).

Our fragrances are not organic or vegan. For the moment, these choices would limit too much the possibilities of olfactory creation for a House offering author’s perfume. However, we are constantly listening to developments in this area.

Concentrations in perfumery come from both a tradition and a common usage among perfumers. When the concentrate is used at more than 20%, we speak of a perfume extract or more simply an extract. Between 13 and 20% of concentrate used, this is an eau de parfum. Between 5 and 12% concentration is the very common eau de toilette, and around 3%, we will speak of cologne or fresh water. FO’AH fragrances are concentrated between 13% and 18%, so they are eaux de parfum. This concentration is ideal since it allows a perfect balance between hold, projection, wake and ease of wearing.

The most popular brands have a share of about 90% of the market, and bring together the big names of traditional perfumery. The remaining 10% is made by niche perfume houses (or author’s perfume, as we prefer to say) which are primarily aimed at an audience of lovers of original and different perfumes. This approach of perfumery does not seek to please at all costs, it will above all seek emotion, the expression of a personality. At FO’AH, perfumers create without time or cost constraints, only the pleasure that the perfume gives you matters.

A perfume is like an olfactory signature which expresses and sublimates your personality. It must be chosen with care because each skin is unique and reacts differently to the many ingredients that compose a perfume. This is why the best way is to try it first in order to perceive all its subtleties and evolutions..

Fragrances can alter certain materials. This is why we advise you to spray or splash your fragrance on bare skin and wait about ten minutes after application before putting jewelry on or a delicate garment.

The differentiation between perfumes for women and perfumes for men is relatively recent, and is not the same in all countries. In general, floral and fruity notes are considered more popular with women and woody notes more appealing to men, but author’s perfumery today goes beyond this conception. At FO’AH, we consider our fragrances to be unisex. Some may be seen as more feminine, others as more masculine, but the key is to choose which scent signature suits you best.


There are two ways of receiving your FO’AH samples. You can order either or Discovery Set or individual samples directly on our website (click here). Alternatively, you can visit one of our retailers of your choice (list here). Their beauty agents will have the pleasure to let you discover our fragrances and offer you a sample if available.


Although our bottles are highly resistant, the material used (glass, aluminium and surlyn) and our fragrances are sensitive to their environment and the way you employ them.
In general, we recommend that you store your fragrance in a tempered environment avoiding direct contact to light and exposing your bottle to moisture, intense heat, and contrasts in temperature.
Beware of shocks to the glass bottle, which can cause breakage, marks and scratches of varying depth. Similarly, several pieces of our bottle if used with each other may scratch.
To preserve the appearance of the metallic parts of the bottle, protect it from corrosive products and an intensive contact to the fragrance itself. If it does come into contact with one of these products, carefully rinse the part concerned with clear water (without letting anything come in contact with the fragrance itself) and dry with a soft cloth.

If, despite your precautions, your bottle is damaged (malfunction of the cap, leaking of the pump) we invite you to contact us directly rose@foahperfumes.com where a personalized appraisal will be carried out and a repair suggested if necessary.


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It depends on your address and the transport options chosen. Current lead times are around 4-5 days. Express delivery guarantees delivery within 3 working days.

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Your purchases are carefully packed and delivered in a standard cardboard box avoiding any brand mention on the outside. It is filled with protective material to ensure it travels safely to its location.

Please contact Rose in charge of our customer care within 3 days of reception at rose@foahperfumes.com . A description of the damage product accompanied with pictures showing the defaults is highly recommended in order for us to take necessary action.

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