When two major perfume cultures
come together

FO’AH is born out of the encounter of two major perfume cultures: France, heart of modern perfumery and the Middle East, an ancient land filled with powerful scents that bring together the earth and the sky. Celebrating the enlighted encounter of people and ideas, FO’AH incarnates a cosmopolitan and open vision of perfumery.

The roots of FO’AH

FO’AH stems from the will of Émilie Dewell, a radiant young woman born and raised between the flowery hillsides of Grasse and the palm trees of Abu Dhabi, and that of Abdulla Al-Masaood, Heir of one the oldest Emirati families. Together, they imagined FO’AH with the idea of uniting French art of perfumery and the oriental values of hospitality and generosity. Mirroring the connection between East and West, FO’AH represents an eclectic culture, open to the world and shaped by all of its influences.