An exclusive heart note

Never before used in perfumery, the Palm Tree Note is an exclusive creation for FO’AH. Bringing together the intimate and the universal, this ingredient is the very heart of our collection of fragrances, an invitation to an intense experience connecting olfactory emotions, millenary cultures and ancestral traditions.


The scent of the tree of life

The date palm is one of the eternal symbols of the Middle East. A natural as well as a cultural jewel, the phoenix dactylifera is mentioned in ancient texts as the Tree of Life which nourishes with its dates, shelters with its shade and indicates the presence of refreshing water. When in bloom, the date palm exudes a green, fruity and slightly animalistic scent which has been captured by modern technology.


An absolute experience

Émilie Dewell and Abdulla Al Masaood worked together with Perfumer Olivier Pescheux in order to create this unique olfactory signature. A demanding effort of research was necessary to translate the intricacies and abundance of this emblematic tree. The trunk, leaves and pods of the Palm Tree but also its shade and the wind gently blowing in the oasis were caught and transcripted into an unprecedented holistic olfactory experience.


Extreme refinement

Inspired by the Emirates and made in France, the FO’AH bottle took several years to develop before it could truly reflect the original idea of the founders. Its facetted silhouette evoking the trunk of the palm tree is the result of the expertise and careful work of many French experts and craftsmen. To preserve the inspiration of its design, the bottle is engraved with a simple number whose meaning is kept secret, true to the personal story of one of the two founders.


A sculpture of glass and light

Evoking the dancing shade of the palms throughout the day, each facet of the bottle catches the mood of every fleeting moment. The heavy glass is graced with golden hues, reminiscent of the unique and distinctive personality of each scent. Inspired by the palm tree trunk, this sculptural body is an unexpected spectacle of flowing oriental lights. Like a source of both dreams and desires, each bottle is protected by a pearly white monolith. Sealed on its upper part by an engraved metal plate, its gracefully opens into a corolla, just like the palms that embrace and reveal the Tree of Life in the light of day.

A refillable bottle

The palm tree is a timeless symbol of the Emirati culture. Magnificently rising above the dry lands like an emblem of life, the palm tree has withstood time and witnessed the deep changes of its native homeland. In the same manner, the FO’AH bottle is designed to be a loyal and precious companion. Similar to a lasting work of art, it was designed to be refilled and reused endlessly, out of a desire to respect the environment – a concern that has always been that of the nomadic peoples of the desert.